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Natura Vitalis honored as leading producer of food supplement

Natura Vitalis, the specialist for vitamins, has been honored with „2017 Biotechnology Award“ of the independent information platform Global Health & Pharma of England.

The company is known for its natural quality. The experts create new products full of natural vital substances regularly. These products support health and the sense of wellbeing. The motto of the company “nature is the secret”. The company was founded 1999 by Frank Felte in Essen, Germany, and is one of the leading manufacturer of natural food supplement with modern methods of biotechnology.

The company got the award „2017 Biotechnology Award“ by the independent information platform Global Health & Pharma of England. Global Health & Pharma elects companies of pharmacy and health sector using methods of biotechnology as they improve the developing in health care sector. Natura Vitalis got the award as “Best Nutritional Supplement Brand - West Europe“ and therefor as leading manufacturer of health supplement. Read more :

„This is a big honor and shows that what we do is right. For us it is important to use new scientifically methods”, days Frank Felte.

The company has been honored with the prize “2016 Pharmaceutical Packaging & Manufacturing Award“ last year. It goes to companies of the pharmacy and health sector, that use innovative and sustainable packaging. Natura Vitalis was honored as leading manufacturer of health supplement „Best Natural Healthcare Supplier – Europe & Recognised Leaders in High Quality Nutrition Supplements“.  Read more: “The product Hyaluronic capsules MM has been honored as we are the only one that offer this medical/pharmacological quality”, says Frank Felte.

The company was even nominated for an international award in 2015. „Chelsea Monthly“ belongs to the most read luxury and lifestyle magazines of London with a run of 150000 copies and they award the national luxury and lifestyle award every year. “Our original spirulets was one out of five best health products, which were nominated. The pellets with powder of the algae Spirulina platensis are loved since 18 years. “It is a big honor and we are proud that our product convince people worldwide”, says Frank Felte.

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Picture (Source: Natura Vitalis, Copy free of professional fee)
Frank Felte, founder of Natura Vitalis

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