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240 capsules

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240 capsules

Base price: 25,39 € each 100 g

ArterioVital - 240 capsules

A product with heart and soul

Every 5 minutes a person dies because of cardiac infarction. Only in Germany! It is nearly an epidemic  – worldwide. Whether you want or not: It might catch you someday! Besides, the "victims" become younger and younger! Today the critical age starts at the middle thirty.

The principal reason for the cause of death No. 1 is the so-called arteriosclerosis. And the name is a programme: With an arteriosclerosis the inner walls of the arteries are narrowed because of deposits. It is also called a "vascular hardening". Mostly it appears in the heart coronary arteries (coronary arteries).

But where and what exactly are the heart coronary arteries? How does the deadly arteriosclerosis originate? To be able to understand all that, let us have a look at our heart. The human heart has a weight of 300 grammes, is a fist-size muscle which contracts every minute from approx. 60 to 80 times (resting heart rate) and pumps about 5 litres of blood through the body. In this way all organs are supplied with oxygen and nutrients. This are approx. 100,000 heartbeats per day which transport  7000 to 8000 litres of blood through the body. In the course of life the heart hits approx. three billions times.

Therefore the heart muscle needs a lot of energy. The heart needs to be suplied with fresh blood full of oxygen and nutrients. The coronary arteries are responsible for that. Per minute the coronary arteries pumps 300 ml blood into the heart. This is 5 percent of the whole blood (in the rest state). These vital heart coronary arteries (coronary arteries) own a diameter of merely approx. 2 mm. It is not surprising that these straw-thin arteries are blocked very fast. And exactly this happens with a cardiac infarction. If the heart coronary arteries are narrowed or blocked because of deposits, the heart is no longer supplied with blood. The heart muscle cells suffer from acute oxygen starvation and nutrient deficiency and necrotize within a few seconds.

But how do these deadly deposits, which are also called plaques, originate? Honestly they are a result of bad food – of many decades. Today, unfortunately, our food has only a bit of nutrients. This applies also for fruit and vegetables. They look great in supermarket but most often they have been picked immature and contain less vital materials than most of us believe.

Small fissures originate in the inner walls of the coronary arteries. Our body tries to repair these damages. However, if necessary vital materials like vitamin C, vitamin B1 etc. are missing, he tries to search for a temporary solution.That is why the body produces more cholesterol than usual and uses it as spackle.

The cholesterol detracts calcium and other substances and is therefore responsible for stronger deposits. As a consequence of this the blood cannot flow to the heart muscle cells. Physicians define this as arteriosclerosis and therefore the heart attack.

Imagine there are some vital substances, which can prevent this. Latest researches confirm that special subtances, which have the power to prevent it... especially vitamin K2. For a long time it was assumed that vitamin K2 plays an important role for the prevention of cardio-vascular diseases. A survey of Rotterdam shows that the daily intake of 45 µg of vitamin K2 can reduce the risk for arteriosclerosis and death by cardiac infarction about 50%. In 2008 the result was confirmed by a study of the university of Utrecht.This survey shows that a high intake of vitamin K2 can reduce atherosclerosis.

In the western world, however, Natto is hardly known. ArterioClean contains highly doses of vitamin K2 – 100%. This natural essence is extracted from natto and is the most effective form of vitamin K with the highest bioavailability and bioactivity. ArterioClean contains 150 µg per everyday consumption recommendation.

Nevertheless, the human organism is a complex system, of which all materials play a certain role. Hence, the combination of all vital materials is important for our health. Thus vitamin K has his helper. And  these are united in ArterioClean. Vitamin C, vitamin B1, OPC, ginkgo biloba, red sandalwood, yarrow, restharrow and other plant materials work closely together with vitamin K2. These substances act hand in hand as "a vascular cleaner" and provide for an increased production of the protein MPG, which protects the blood vessels against hardening.

ArterioClean is  a vital material formula which protects the cardiovascular system. The regular consumption of ArterioClean can promote the stability and elasticity of the blood vessels and supports the health of those till the old age.

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from Giovanni on 13.12.2017
Ich bin komplett begeistert von diesem Produkt. Mein Herz-Kreislauf-System funktioniert besser denn je. Ich fühle mich wirklich gut. Danke dafür!
from Wolfgang on 18.01.2018
Durch meinen Zinkmangel habe ich mich immer sehr schwach und Müde gefühlt, dank Arteriovital bin ich seid Wochen schon auf trapp und kaum mehr müde!
from Armando on 06.02.2018
Für meine Blutgefäße das Richtige Produkt! Hilft bei ablagerungen und mein Kreislauf ist jedenfalls besser geworden
from Waltraud on 19.07.2018
Ein MUSS bei 50+! Das ist für mich wie Kosmetik für meine Arterien. Ich habe wieder eine bessere Kondition und fühl mich richtig gut!
Ein Super-Produkt! Ich finde das ganze Produktangebot von Natura Vitalis super, jeder kann hier genau das finden, was er braucht. Die
Produktbeschreibungen sind perfekt! Danke!
from Karin on 22.07.2018
Dieses fantastisches Produkt hat meine Axxxxxxxxxxx in meiner Hauptschlagader beseitigt!!!! Absolute Kaufempfehlung!!!

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