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Venovit intense

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27,50 (VAT inclusive)

180 capsules

Base price: 28,06 € each 100 g

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180 capsules

Base price: 28,06 € each 100 g

Venovit intense - 180 Capsules

For normal veins and light legs

With Venovit Intense, we will offer you the most comprehensive product against heavy legs that we’ve ever had! We combine the best of what natural medicine has to offer in a unique capsule! The beneficial effects of the ingredients in Venovit Intense are comprehensively documented in numerous studies. We are very proud to unite all the important and effective plants for the veins in this unprecedented formula ! In doing so, we have incorporated the latest scientific findings into our work and now present the very best product that your veins have ever seen.
Reliably, and without us really needing to think about them, our legs carry us through our entire life. In doing so, our joints and muscles work hard. Even our leg veins are exposed to a permanent load during this performance. So it is not surprising that every second woman and every sixth man aged over 30 complain about problems with their veins. A build-up of blood in the veins mean heavy, swollen and aching legs. What is maybe initially just an annoyance, can eventually become a real health threat as dangerous blood clots can form in the then emerging varicose veins. In addition, poor venous function may adversely affect the heart and the entire blood circulation system.

But before we go into more detail about the various problems with the veins, that ultimately spares none of us, let’s first look at what the veins actually do! After that we deal with the biggest challenges for the veins and how you can best support a healthy venous system with prevention measures.

As we all know, the blood vessels in our bodies represent a closed system. The heart is the engine that pumps the blood through the arteries, which has been enriched with oxygen by the lungs. From there, the blood reaches all the body’s organs and provides the respective body cells with needed nutrients and oxygen. Once the oxygen has been used up by the cells, the blood must return back to the heart and lungs in order to be enriched again with oxygen. This is where the veins come into play. The deoxygenated and laden with metabolic / degradation products, namely blood, is collected by the veins and transported back to the heart against the forces of gravity. Note, against the force of gravity! That’s hard work! In order to prevent the blood from flowing backwards during its way up, the veins are equipped with so-called venous valves. These are valves which allow blood flow in one direction only, namely to the heart.

The problem: The vein walls themselves consist predominantly of different elastic connective tissue and are very soft. That's why the vein walls are able to bulge much easier than the walls of the stronger arteries. However when the veins expand too much, the venous valves are no longer able to close properly and the blood pushes back down towards your feet. This results in a vicious cycle: More blood accumulates, the under pressure veins expand more and more and the problem gets worse and worse. Varicose veins then occur where often water is secreted into the connective tissue, resulting in swollen legs or feet.

Whoever gets varicose veins should not simply believe that they are as harmless as wrinkles or grey hair. In many cases, varicose veins can someday cause you torment with open legs or a struggle with thrombosis. Through the build-up of blood in varicose veins, the formation of blood clots can easily come to the fore. If these blood clots are subsequently flushed out into the bloodstream and travel via the heart into the pulmonary circulation, it can be life-threatening. Pulmonary circulation branches out into the smaller vessels until the clot eventually gets stuck. The result is reduced blood flow to the lungs which in turn results in more difficult absorbtion of oxygen by the lungs. The next sequence of events is a depletion of oxygen in the blood. Large blood clots can lead to death within a few minutes, while smaller clots may cause permanent weakness of heart and lung damage.  It is estimated that 100,000 Germans die of a pulmonary embolism per year.

The development of varicose veins is still one of todays medical mysteries. The simple answer is often: Varicose veins are signs of ageing. This seems only applies to the highly civilised people, for varicose veins do not present themselves by primitive people or animals. Varicose veins are instead typical of the western world. In Asia, for example, they are remarkably rare. Numerous studies now show that the emergence of the so-called "chronic venous insufficiency", or in other words sustained weakness of the veins, is directly related to our diet and lifestyle. We need to pay special attention to the supply of important substances for our veins, because their connective tissue is very thin and becomes more fragile as we get older. Certain substances can reduce the internal pressure in the veins, strengthen vein walls, and thus positively support the elasticity of the vessels over the long-term. For this purpose, we have composed a highly effective natural recipe in Venovit Intense, which takes into account all current studies. Added to this are a further 3 natural substances which received the award of "Plant of the year".

But before we go into more detail on this highly effective plant let us state that we do not only have a superficial venous system in our legs, which sits just under the skin, but also a deep venous system. This is located between the calf muscles. Varicose veins can also form here which, however, cannot be seen. Nevertheless, they are even more dangerous than the visible vein expansions beneath the skin!

By the way, even hemorrhoids are ultimately nothing more than varicose veins of the anus. Veins are therefore not only found in the legs, but also to the anus and further on (from the legs to the heart) in the abdomen. Vein expansions can make themselves known here by causing kidney pain.

As you can see, it is very useful to pay attention to our complex venous system. The sooner, the better. For this reason, we present Venovit Intense, the crème de la crème among the natural essences that can promote the well-being of the entire venous system. As already mentioned, also the three plants which were awarded the plant of the year. Let’s take a more closer look at these, and some of the other ingredients in Venovit Intense:

Plant of the year 1999: Buckwheat (fagopyrum esculentum)! The annual herb buckwheat mainly contains flavonoid rutin, from which it is believed that in general it has a positive supporting effect of the natural liquid and oxygen exchange in the fine capillaries of the veins. The flavonoids and many minerals in buckwheat help the stability of thin vein walls which in turn helps prevent varicose veins.

Plant of the year 2002: Butcher's broom (ruscus aculeatus)! The University of Würzburg chose butcher's broom plant of the year 2002, because this incredible cutting plant has a vessel sealing effect, which also draws together the veins making it perfectly suitable as a supporting agent in the treatment of varicose veins.

In Italy, France, and Switzerland, the butcher's broom has long been a well-known vein treatment. It is often used for venous insufficiency, such as by pain and heaviness in the legs, night-time leg cramps, itching and swelling. We now know that butcher's broom stimulates lymphatic transport and reduces the volume of tissue, or in other words, reduces water in the legs. This could even be proven in a study.

A multicenter, randomised double-blind study examined the effectiveness of medical butcher's broom extract in 110 women aged between 30-89 years with chronic venous insufficiency. The result: The lower leg volume (water in the tissue) decreased in the patients. Also, the subjective feelings such as tingling and feeling of tightness improved significantly.

By the way: The name of the subshrub with its red berries, butcher's broom, is probably thanks to the butchers: They used to hang the thorny branches beside their meat supplies, namely to keep away the mice. Today, butcher’s broom is being used as versatile as back then. It supports the venous support fibres elastin, tightens the connective tissue and keeps the veins elastic. An anti-inflammatory effect is also attributed to this plant. The plant of the year 2002 also helps with hemorrhoids.

Plant of the year 2008: Horse chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum). The chestnut tree is known to everyone. Aescin, a saponin, has been recognised as an effective ingredient. In addition, even tannins and flavonglycosides are said to act against varicose veins. Buckeye tea has been used in traditional medicine for centuries against haemorrhoids and varicose veins.

An overview of 56 studies that were made with horse chestnut seeds, testifies to the great benefits of this therapy for venous weakness. Varicose veins, the main issue on the subject of veins, are softened up by horse chestnut. Also, "thick" legs and feet once again become slim. Several studies have confirmed this. Aescin seals the vessels and prevents fluid from exceeding the veins into the surrounding tissues. The typical venous problems of heaviness and oedema (water in the legs) is significantly reduced.

The Plant of the Year 2008 is even said to reduce existing oedema. In the University Hospital Heidelberg, 240 venous patients received over 12 weeks, 2 tablets daily with the horse chestnut extract. The result: Lower leg volume decreased by an average of 43 millilitres! The effect is similar to the treatment of compression stockings. Oedema reduction was also confirmed by the Ruhr University Bochum.

In addition, buckeye also prevents inflammatory factors that exceed the wall, and strengthen the whole fabric of the veins in general. By the way, even gum tissue!

Also included in Venovit Intense is the highly effective vine leaves (vitis vinifera purpurea), which are harvested directly after the grape harvest - because it is then that their active ingredients are at their highest. Several studies confirm the efficacy of vine leaves for venous weakness. In particular, the problem of swollen legs, both in the calves and ankles reduces. Obviously, this plant improves the flow of blood through the veins whilst at the same time sealing them. Scientists have proven that ingredients in grapevine leaves can lead to a strengthening of the vessels connective tissue and reduce the permeability of the vein walls. The main active substances, flavonoids and the secondary plant compounds, also have an anti-inflammatory effect and reduce the backflow of blood in the veins. This then decreases the risk of venous expansions (varicose veins) and dysfunction of the venous valves.

But the best is yet to come: Our newest ingredient, dog rose, can not only improve the function of the venous valves, but also provides more or less for beautiful legs! How does that work? To function optimally, our veins must have space. They need to take a round form. If one exerts pressure on veins and venous valves from the outside, then the valves are not able to close properly. The veins are then overloaded. The reason for this external pressure is often fatty tissue in the immediate area of the vein. Dog rose inhibits the incorporation of fat in this connective tissue. The pressure is released from the vein valve allowing it to function better. But not only that - through having less fat in our connective tissue, our legs benefit from a great side effect of also becoming smoother and softer!

Other highly effective vein substances included in Venovit Intense are aronia and elderberry, Asian pennywort, beetroot and important vein vitamins. In using the latest scientific studies, we round off the vein-nutrient formula is with the optimised Natura Vitalis Active complex. We win the high-quality bioflavonoid for this active complex through guava, papaya, blood orange, lemon and grapefruit and gain a specifically optimised for the vein walls and venous valves effect. Our active complex therefore enhances the effect of other exquisite ingredients many times over! This increased effectiveness of all the substances included in Venovit Intense gives the product an absolute unique selling point.

2 capsules contain: Vitamin C - 60 mg = 75*, magnesium - 120 mg = 32*, vitamin E - 12 mg ATE = 100*, zinc - 15 mg = 150*, pantothenic acid - 12 mg = 200*, vitamin A - 1,600 µg RE = 200*, riboflavin - 2.8 mg = 200 *, vitamin B6 - 2.8 mg = 200*, vitamin B12 - 6 µg = 240*, plant substances - 488 mg.
* = % of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Information for diabetics: 2 capsules contain 0.02 bread unit.

Directions for use: Please consume daily 1 capsule  in the morning and 1 in the evening with sufficient liquid daily.

Please note: The stated recommended daily intake amount must not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The products must be stored out of the reach of small children.

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Meine Beine fühlen sich leichter und entspannter an. Werde die Kapseln weiterhin einnehmen
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Ich hatte immer probleme mit meinem Bein und konnte eine längere Zeit nicht richtig laufen oder dauernt sitzen audgrund der Schmerzen, ich nehme sie seit 2 Wochen ein und meine Beine fühlen sich wesentlich leichter an und ich merke aufjedenfall einen unterschied! ich kann mein Bein wieder richtig gut bewegen ich bin gespannt wie es in den weiteren Wochen ausschaut! Am Anfang war ich skeptisch aber jetzt bin ich begeistert! Was man alles mit Nahrungsergänzungsmittel schaffen kann!
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Ich habe ein Lipolymohödem und seit ich denken kann schmerzende und geschwollene,schwere Beine !
Wenn meine Tochter auf meinem Schoß saß,war der Schmerz nur schwer auszuhalten!
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Jetzt mit Venovit ist der Dxxxxxxxxxxx weg...das hab ich erst gar nicht so generkt,weil meine Tochter mitterweile auch schon grösser ist und nicht dauernd auf meinen Schoß möchte wie früher!
Gemerkt hab ich es als sie zu mir ins Bett kam und mich dabei versehentlich am Bein trat....
normalerweise wäre ich vor Sxxxxxx an die Decke gegangen ....aber der Sxxxxxx blieb aus und der blaue Fleck auch !
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ich nehme es erst kurz, aber ich merke beine schmerzen nicht mehr beim laufen und werden leichter
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Ich glaubte meinen Augen nicht zu trauen...Meine Krampfadern sind deutlich kleiner geworden und die Besenreisser fast verschwunden. Top Produkt!!!
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Ich stehe den ganzen Tag auf der Arbeit und bin auch schon an den Krampfadern operiert worden. Besonders im Sommer hatte ich große Probleme.
Dank Venovit fühlen sich meine Beine viel leichter an und ich brauche keine Stützstrümpfe mehr auf der Arbeit.
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Ausgezeichnete Qualität, wirkung bereits nach 3 Wochen sichtbar. Absulut ein muss für alle menschen auch für Kraftfahrer, ein muss.
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Lieferung super schnell & Toppreis!\nNun warte ich ab, aber auch dieses Produkt wird ganz sicher gut tun!
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Wir nehmen das Produkt noch nicht sehr lange\nund konnten nach vier Wochen noch kein gutes\nErgebnis merken. Haben jetzt auf 2 Pro Tag \nerhöht.
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gutes product
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Die Beine sind leichter man fühlt sich wohler
from Thomas on 19.09.2012
sehr gut
from Karin on 01.10.2012
Habe das Prdukt weiter empfohlen an meine Schwiegermutter. Sie testet gerade.
from Karin on 24.10.2012
hilft sehr gu bei Problemen
from Gisbert on 10.02.2013
zufrieden mit dem Produkt
from Elvira on 17.02.2013
preis leistung ok
from Christina on 28.02.2013
Sehr Empfehlungswert. Leichte Beine
from Unknown on 04.05.2013
Für meine Frau bestellt!Ist sehr zufrieden
from Julia on 04.01.2016
Meine Beine fühlen sich dank Venovit viel besser an. Ich sprinte leicht
durchs Leben und fühle endlich leichte >Beine und Füße.
from Irmtraut on 01.02.2016
Mein Hautbild an den Beinen ist jetzt wirklich super.
from Marie on 03.03.2016
Die Durchblutung ist wieder im Gange. Meine Beine fühlen sich viel leichter
an und sehen sogar besser aus.
from Eva on 07.04.2016
Im letzten Jahr hat mir Venovit so gute Dienste geleistet im Sommer. Ich
hatte keine schweren Beine und bin wieder an zu Walken gefangen. Für dieses
Jahr habe ich mich komplett eingedeckt. Danke für diese Produkt.
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from Sabine on 30.05.2017
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Besonders im Sommer ein super Produkt. Meine Beine sind nicht so schwer und ich kann das schöne Wetter bedenkenlos genießen!!!!!
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Meine Krampfadern sind kleiner geworden und meine Beine fühlen sich viel leichter an

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